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You've successfully requested the required credit for your buprenorphine training activity (8 hours for physicians, 24 hours for NPs and PAs) – What's Next? It's time to request your waiver! Providers who have completed buprenorphine training must next submit a Notification of Intent form (AKA "Buprenorphine Waiver Notification") to CSAT/SAMHSA, using an online form available on SAMHSA's website, before they start prescribing. The purpose of this page is to help answer questions you have about the waiver while you are completing this step.

How To Submit Your Waiver (SMA-167/Notification of Intent (NOI) Form) - It's Easy!
Submit Your Waiver Online!

You must submit this form if you plan on prescribing buprenorphine.

  1. Submit the online Buprenorphine Waiver Notification form. You must submit this form if you plan on prescribing buprenorphine.
  2. Allow 45 days for CSAT to review your waiver notification form. Note that we send notification of your completion of the training to them within around a week of your completion. After your waiver notification has been reviewed, you will receive a prescribing identification number ("X" number) from the DEA via email. You will need to write this number on all buprenorphine prescriptions that you write. Your regular DEA number will not change. NPs and PAs who prescribe buprenorphine will also be issued a special identification number. DEA regulations require this number to be included on all buprenorphine prescriptions for opioid dependency treatment, along with the NP’s or PA’s regular DEA registration number. 
  3. If you have not heard from CSAT after 45 days, you may begin prescribing. However, if you do not receive your X number within 60 days, contact CSAT:

Note that providers who have completed buprenorphine training can treat one patient emergently immediately but must wait until getting their prescribing identification number before taking a caseload of patients.

The following slides were shared by ASAM to help guide you through the process of completing your Waiver Notification Form (scroll down within the slide show to view all slides). Note that they were developed when only physicians could apply for a waiver and will be updated shortly:

  • SAMHSA will have proof of your training that we send to them, if you completed it in recent years; if it has been a while, contact your training organization (feedback@clinicaltools.com ) for help with obtaining proof of your completion
  • If you consent to release your information to SAMHSA, patients and health care providers will be able to find you on the SAMHSA Buprenorphine Physician and Treatment Program Locator Website.

For more on getting your waiver and advice on where to start in getting your practice ready: Visit our guide Next Steps. Get Started Prescribing Buprenorphine

  • For resources to use with your patients:

    Review our latest BupPatient Resources. This page provides a consolidated list of office-based opioid treatment (OBOT) resources for patients.

Help! - I Have More Questions.

Do you have more questions? Please browse the Buprenorphine Waiver Management Section on the SAMHSA/CSAT website or refer to our Site FAQs.

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