I am an NP/PA taking the Buprenorphine training. When does my completion information get sent off to SAMHSA?

Once you complete the "Buprenorphine Training: Waiver Training for NPs & PAs [Part 1: 8 of 24 hours]" or "SBIRT and Motivational Interviewing: Waiver Training for NPs & PAs [Part 2: 5 of 24 hours]" and "Opioids, Pain, and Risk Reduction: Waiver Training for NPs & PAs [Part 3: 11 of 24 hours]", your completion information is recorded in our records. If you have an NP or PA degree, your information is sent to SAMHSA at the beginning of the next work week.

Things to Note:

  • You will need to electronically submit or fax a copy of your completion certificate with your waiver application.
  • You must have an NP or PA degree listed under your account in order for us to send off your information.
  • If you plan on applying for a waiver, you must select the full amount of credit for each section (8 hours for BupPractice, 5 hours for SBIRT, and 11 hours for OpioidRisk).