This is the activity page for NPs and PAs. MD/DO? Please choose the Activity for Physicians
ACTIVITY HOME PAGE FOR PART 1 of 2 (link to Part 2a at bottom of page)

Notice: We are currently in transition from users getting a certificate on each site, to getting one at the end of this activity (BupPractice) and one at the end of OpioidRisk (counting for both SBIRT: Part 2a and OpioidRisk: Part 2b)
What you'll get:
  • One 8 hour Certificate, requested after Post-test here
  • One 16 hour Certificate, requested after Post-test on OpioidRisk
  • Steps to take: There are two parts to the 24- Hour NPPA Waiver Training.
  • 8 Hour training (BupPratice)
  • Additional 16 Hour training (SBIRTTraining and OpioidRisk)

  • Steps to take for all 24 hours:
    1. Part 1: 8 Hours You are here Note the blue action buttons above. These buttons will guide you through some steps required before beginning the training modules below. Once you have completed the modules, refer back to the blue action buttons to complete the activity post-test and request credit. Passing the test is required in order to request credit for the activity (8-9 hours). The link to view the certificate will appear on the right, above "Your Progress" block, where you can view and print your 8-hour certificate.
    2. Part 2a: 16 Hours Click link at the bottom to begin the 16 hour training. It is split between two sites and two parts. You will be directed to Part 2a on SBIRTTraining. Follow the similar path through SBIRT's 5 modules and Activity Post-test. Make sure you take the Post-Test on SBIRT before proceeding to Part 2b.
    3. Part 2b: 16 Hours Click link at the bottom of SBIRTTraining for Part:2b. Proceed through OpioidRisk's 11 modules and Post-Test. Request Credit for 16 hours. Link to view certificate will appear on the right above "Your Progress" block, where you can view and print your 16-hour certificate.
    4. Apply for Waiver
    5. Post-training information: Please allow about a week for us to send confirmation of your completion information to CSAT/SAMHSA before you submit their online Buprenorphine Waiver Notification form. Read our FAQ about the NP/PA waiver application process

    For more Information, visit the SAMHSA website.
    What credit type do I select? The DCBN credit type corresponds to the District of Columbia Board of Nursing and the FAPA credit type refers to Florida Academy of Physician Assistants. Select the credit type corresponding to your profession because certificates for both types of credit will contain the required language.If you are planning to apply for a waiver, please make sure you have a NP or PA degree listed under your account and that you select at least the required amount of credit for each section (8 hours for BupPractice, 16 hours for OpioidRisk).