On the waiver form, I see a line that reads: "8. Certification of Qualifying Criteria: I certify that I meet at least one of the following criteria and am therefore a qualifying provider (Check and provide copies of documentation for all that apply):"

The documentation the question is referring to is the DATA 2000 Training Certificate. Physicians do not need a certificate for completing your training because we send the names of all people completing the training within around one week of completion. All providers are required to complete the online version of the waiver form, so it is not necessary that physicians mail or fax a copy of your certificate. CSAT obtains confirmation of your training from us. However, for NPs and PAs, you DO need to electronically send a copy of your training certificates with your waiver application via email to infobuprenorphine@samhsa.hhs.gov OR via fax to 301-576-5237.